Random Flies and Tools

Do you ever wonder if the fly patterns you have been using are catching as many fish as maybe a different pattern might?

Have you ever wanted to try a different fly but you don’t know what to buy?

We can help with our Random Flies and Tools monthly fly program, you will never have to worry about having a new fly to try. We will take care of that for you.

And We Will will ship your Random Flies and Tools Right To Your Door each Month

Every month we will ship 1 dozen random flies and a Random Tool to you when you subscribe to our Random Flies and Tools Program.

The dozen flies are divided into 3 flies in each of 4 different patterns and come packaged in poly bags that are labeled with the flies name. Each fly is hand tied by professional fly tiers, using quality materials.

The random tools are chosen to enhance your fly fishing experience and will range from fly boxes to strike indicators. All Random flies and Tools selections will be shipped monthly on the day your subscription started. You can of course cancel your Subscription at any time.

The cost of the Random Flies and Tools is $19.95 per month and includes Shipping. We also have the option of Yearly Billing at $199.95 that will give you 2 months free.

Billing Options

Previous Shipments

Medium Clear Lid Fly Box
3 Blue Dun Dry Flies
3 CDC Cinnamon Ant Terrestrial Flies
3 Blue Comet Salmon Flies
3 Latex Caddis Wet Flies

Rainbow Forceps
3 Woolly Worm Dry Flies
3 Egg Laying Pteronarcys Dry Flies
3 Dark Hendrickson Wet Flies
3 Black Matuka Streamer Flies

Nail Knot Tying Tool with Instructions
3 Extended Pale Morning Dun Dry Flies
3 Salmon Candy #4 Dry Flies
3 Beaver Wet Flies
3 Flash Dancer Wet Flies

Fly Fishing Thermometer
3 Elk Hopper Dry Flies
3 Orange Bucktail Caddis
3 Dark Cahill Wet Flies
3 Doug’s Damsel Wet Flies

Curved Nosed Fly Fishing Forceps
3 Slate Olive Thorax Dry Flies
3 Cripple Olive Dry Flies
3 Baetis Soft Hackle Wet Flies
3 Big Horn Scud Wet Flies

Fly Tying Scissors
3 CDC Ant Terrestrial Flies
3 Colorado King Dry Flies
3 Gierach Dragon Wet Flies
3 Black Ghost Wet Flies