Monthly Fly Fishing Gear Subscription

Welcome to our Ospika Gear Fly Fishing Subscription

Each Month we will send you a selection of 12 Fishing Flies plus a piece of useful fly fishing gear. The Fly Fishing Gear will include, Fly boxes, pliers, forceps, fly lines, leaders, tippet material and dispensers, tee shirts, caps, and many many more items that are used for fly fishing.

All Subscriptions can last as long as you want, and of course you can cancel anytime you want.

Do you have a specific group of flies that you use for all of your fishing trips? We can customize your monthly supply of fishing flies to any patterns that you want. Just tell us how many flies you want per month, what patterns and fly size you want for each month and we will build you a custom fly box.

That way you won’t have a whole bunch of flies sent to you that you can’t use.

Are you planning a fishing trip? Let us know what flies you need for your trip and we can make sure you are all stocked up before you go.

Call Us today at 780-995-3419 to build your custom fly box.

Fly Fishing Gear Monthly Subscription

USD $34.00

Fly Fishing Gear 3 Month Subscription

USD $102.00

Fly Fishing Gear 6 Month Subscription

USD $204.00

Fly Fishing Gear Yearly Subscription

USD $404.00

Please note that all of our monthly subscriptions will be shipped in a padded envelope. We think most people would rather have more fly fishing flies and gear rather than a pretty cardboard box that is pretty much useless.

If you have any questions or comments about this Subscription Service, Please contact us Using this handy contact form.