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Summit Adjustable Shooting Stick

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The Summit Adjustable Shooting Stick is more than a steady rest for making the shot. Just a few inches of snow can snap the fiberglass support rods found in most hub-style blinds. While the adjustable shooting sticks offer firearm support for a variety of heights, the sticks ability to stretch up to 80 inches tall is what allows it to be used as a roof support to keep snow and high winds from crushing your blind. The sticks overmolded yoke offer a quiet and secure rest for your firearm or crossbow, while the non-slip foam grip and wrist strap give you a solid grip.
  • Adjustable from 32.5 inches to 80 inches in length
  • Doubles as roof support for hub style ground blind
  • Features a rubber overmolded yoke for guiet secure rest
  • Non-slip foam grip
  • Wrist strap that aids in carry and to stabilize for a shot
  • Keeps snow and wind from crushing blind