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Summit Seatback Organizers

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The Summit Seat Back Organizer is the economical and easy method of keeping your guns safely stored and all of your hunting accessories neatly organized while riding in the truck. Simply install the organizers over the headrest of your seat and secure and youre ready to travel safely and keep everything out of the line of sight of the window. There is ample pocket space for all of your gear and your gun and ammo are in easy reach when you get to you your hunting spot.
  • Two seat back organizers are included in package
  • Once installed, seat back organizer will securely hold two long guns, rifles, shotguns or muzzleloaders
  • One seat back organizer has shotshell loops and the other features rifle-cartridge loops
  • Mesh pockets hold gloves, calls, extra ammo and many other accessories
  • Features a universal and adjustable fit for all vehicles with two headrest and room behind the seat